Crazy MMA fighter goes nuts in and out of the cage

Euraldi “The Albanian Assassin’’ squares off against Andy Gray at the Underground Fight Series 7 back in 2011.

Euraldi the man with no last name who goes by “The Albanian Assassin” took the cage by storm. No one knows if he is crazy but after watching the start of this video would you want to get in the cage with him? ‘’The Albanian Assassin’’ doesn’t need no real life opponent to get blood flowing as he destroys the t-shirt he was wearing.
His opponent Andy Gray ‘’had no chance from the start’’. I mean had no crazy entrance music, he wasn’t ripping off his t-shirt and hardly showed any emotions. He had no idea what he was getting into at the Underground Fight Series 7 in Taylor, Michigan.
The fight starts and Euraldo runs out out of his corner with guns blazing, throwing wild kicks and punches, that never even managed to hit Gray. Gray thew back a barrage of punches that looked like slaps, however this was still enough to back up “The Albanian Assassin’’ who moved backwards, falling to the ground. He was able to get back up to his feet, securing a lock on Gray and scoring a takedown from the clinch. After a little struggle on the ground ‘’The Albanian Assassin’’ decided to pull off a sneaky move because it looked like he choked out Gray with his own arm! It didn’t take long for Andy Gray to tap out.
This is probably one of the most sloppy fights you will ever see in the cage or in the ring, however ‘’The Albanian Assassin’’ entertained us to the fullest. His walkout combined with his ‘’fighting skills’’ made this fight a unique experience, even if it was a cringeworthy one.