Crazy Knockout in Brazil

Knockout in kickboxing in the 80 kg weight class. Spinning back kick.

This one is pretty recent. In fact, this brief albeit spectacular fight took place in early September in Brazil. Being more specific, this competition was held in the Frutal municipality in the Minas Gerais region. It’s not everyday that we bring you exciting knockout footage from that part of the world, right? However, many people know Brazil as the birthplace of many excellent fighters. Not much is known about this particular fighter over here. But this knockout video is just an awesome thing to watch on its own, whether you have much information about the guy or you don’t.

It’s a kickboxing fight, obviously. Without further ado and without showing off to the crowds, the fighters just get to it. The fight is off to an intense start as they start exchanging kicks straight away. The guy in black is feeling pretty confident as he just keeps kicking. However, his opponent has something else on his mind. He’s just about to up the game, so watch closely. Don’t worry, there will be a few replays a bit later so you will be able to enjoy this magnificent move in all its glory.

The fighter in black seems to not know what hit him, and we kinda felt the same way at first. This spinning back kick was just amazing, wasn’t it? The fighter gained plenty of momentum as he jumped up, his body rotating in the air, his foot ready to deliver that finalizing head kick. Perfect aiming and perfect timing! The opponent’s defense was down as he was delivering his low kicks, but then bam, one of the most spectacular knockouts we have ever seen. Delightful!