Crazy HW MMA brawl

Two big men going at it, throwing and taking hard punches in this fight for the C8 HW Title.

They fight to establish the dominance – a sign of courage and might. For us it’s a good show. If you want to have fun – come and enjoy, pals.

Heavyweight kickboxer Ben Edwards from Australia was ranked #8 in the global list of heavyweights by international kickboxing promoting company Glory. ranked him #10. With this knowledge in mind you can expect an incredible match and will not be disappointed. Donny Lester can also do very well. Two heavyweights on the arena demonstrated wonders of endurance and persistence.

With face smashed to blood and mouth guard fallen out several times they don’t give up and stand to the end. Fight made both exhausted but they refused to quit. Both participants accumulated enough energy to fight with maximum might possible.

It resembled a battle of two gladiators in the cage. They were ready to overcome the storms of blows to win. If you want to see spiritual strength you should come here. But when mighty fists contribute to the bout, the fighter is unstoppable! Such fists can crash everything on the way.

Ben Edwards relies mainly on punches in this fight. All tricks of heavyweights seem to end with nothing. Ref stopped the fight once but in the second round it ended with KO. However, being tired the weaker opponent eventually gave up. The match was dynamic and exciting with rather aggressive attacks on both sides. Two tough guys touched gloves before the match and hugged at the end of it – a great example of sportsmanship that deserves respect.

Donny Lester was great as well but could not continue this madness further. This is one of the coolest bouts ever. It’s not every day you can see incredible brawl like that