Crazy BEAST MODE MMA training!

Born with BEAST MODE turned on!

Pretty cool short film of a guy working out MMA style. If you’re planning to learn mixed martial arts you will have to learn how strike and how to grapple. Meaning that at the end of the day you will have to be a complete fighter to compete at both amateur and professional level of the sport. But MMA isn’t just about learning the technique. Your body will also have to be in shape. Professional MMA fighters have to compete for 15 minutes in the UFC and other MMA organizations, title fights in the UFC are scheduled for five 5 minute rounds.You can be a great striker with good wrestling and brazilian jiu-jitsu or a great grappler with good striking but if your body isn’t ready to go the full distance sooner or later you will find it out in the cage or in the ring. Which is why MMA fighters or any other combat sports athletes have strength and conditioning coaches to keep their bodies in shape. Now back to the video. Jérôme Pina is the guy in the video. He has plenty of videos on his YouTube channel of himself working out as well as several short films. In this particular video we can see him jumping rope as he warms up for the main part. That’s where it gets interesting as he starts punching the bag, clapping hands behind his back doing the impressive push-ups. This isn’t everything just yet. He follows up with some running for his cardio and working out with a tire. He finishes the workout grappling with the punching bag, punching the bag from every possible position before smashing the punching bag against the wall!