Crazy 8-second high kick knockout

Eight second first round KO stirs up controversy.

It has been said that when a fighter is in the cage, in the heat of battle, that he (or she) is not aware of their surroundings. They sometimes have no idea what round it is or what the ref is saying to them. They are focused only on beating the person in front of them. This could be one of those times.

Francis Grant and Scott Noble went up against each other at Operation Octagon Fights – OO XXII. Scott Noble comes out and throws exactly one kick to end this fight only eight seconds into the first round. His foot lands flush to the side of the head of Grant and Grant is out before he hits the canvas.

We see Grant’s body seize up and his arms shoot out in the telltale sign of a fighter who is out and not in control of his body. This is where some controversy comes in. Noble jumps on the defenseless Grant and lands two more hard punches. The ref literally has to pull him off before more damage is done.

Many people say Noble should have seen that Grant was out and that those strikes were cheap shots. Others say the ref should have come in sooner, that a fighter is taught to fight till the bell or the ref steps in. The truth is probably somewhere in between. These are amature fighters who only had three fights total between them when they stepped into the cage. Noble may have just gotten caught up in the moment, a victim of his own adrenalin, and was just not aware of what was going on. It happens