Crazy 5 vs 5 MMA style soccer hooligans brawl

From urban waste-grounds – to the ring!

The word “derby” in soccer means a clash between two local teams or more generally – between two old hardcore rivals. From this point of view any sports competition between Poland and Russia is a derby as they are neighbors and their relations have never been nice and easy. And when a competition is a fight – well, check the comments and see.

Polish and Russian teams regularly take part in Team Fighting Championship, possibly one of the most unusual and controversial combat sports events in the world. The idea of TFC is to bring real street fighting from city streets and outskirts to the ring. The 5 on 5 bouts are held elimination style in a large ring with five referees. Some people call it retarded as when a team is one man down it has to fight shorthanded. So, 5 on 5 quickly turns into 5 on 4, then 5 on 3, and so on. This unusual approach made the president of MMA promotion Global Proving Ground James Jefferson call TFC “a barroom brawl without the bottles”.
UFC Berlin
TFC 3 started in December, 2014 in Riga, Latvia with six teams on the card – USA, Brazil, Russia, Latvia, Poland and UK. The first fight of the event, which we offer to you here, was between Barbarians FT from Saint Petersburg, Russia and HFA from Gdynia, Poland. The Polish guys seem to be a bit bigger as far as the total team weight is concerned, but no one, including their rivals, seems to care. Anyway, there are no weigh-ins before real street fights and the only weight restriction in TFC is the 1100 pounds (500 kilos) limit per team.

The bigger freedom compared to the traditional MMA rules makes TFC much more violent and thus illegal in the United States and most other countries. Still, some experts, including the above mentioned Mr. Jefferson, do believe that five on five brutal fights have some media perspective in the USA, e.g. pay-per-view, as long as the promoters don’t try to sell it as MMA.