A well-timed counterpunch knocks out a kickboxer!

Nieky “The Natural” Holzken is going to prove again he’s one of the best welterweight strikers in kick boxing. 

“I would love to face Nieky again. When we went to the fight of the year at the Glory 13 tournament I was a different fighter. When we meet again Nieky will see a fresher, more experienced and more dangerous competitor and I am confident the outcome will be different this time”, Joe Valtellini said in his interview before Glory 19. Joe’s dream will come true, as Nieky “The Natural” Holzken defeated Alexandr Stetcurenko and Raymond “Real Deal” Daniels on his way to the Glory 19 welterweight title and the Ramon Dekkers Memorial Trophy. Nieky is also eager to meet Valtellini – despite his win at the Glory 13, the world title belongs to “Bazooka Joe”, so both of them have some unfinished business.

At the post-fight press-conference Nieky Holzken stated: “I told my little boy and my daughter who are at home watching, and my wife, I said that I would come back with a win and afterward I will come back with the world title, that is mine. Joe Valtellini, I’m going to take it next time.”

While we’re waiting for the rematch why not have a look at the highlights of the first fight? Actually it was a back and forth story with both fighters throwing bombs at each other. With time passing an even battle tilted in Holzken’s favor and in the third round a final drama broke out. That’s just what we have in the offered video – Holzken landed a vicious punch to the liver that hurt Valtellini badly. Still Joe managed to get back in the fight again and unleashed a desperate assault. That was his only chance to turn the tide as he was obviously down on the score cards. But the all or nothing challenge ended in nothing but a perfect counterpunch thrown by Nieky Holzken in the dying seconds of the third round.