Conor McGregor vs Chad Mendes: The “Go Big” press conference battle

For Conor it’s never enough to beat someone in the octagon only

The fight for Interim UFC featherweight belt against Chad Mendes was not an easy walk for Conor McGregor. Despite the fact “The Notorious” won the battle via TKO, despite his words of feeling no threat at any given moment of the bout, an early takedown, a nasty cut and quite a number of vicious punches showed that the Irish is just as vulnerable as anyone else on the planet including UFC roster. At the post-fight presser McGregor and Mendes seemed to quit all the trash talk and showed maximum respect for each other. The truce lasted no longer than two months.
At the recent “Go Big” press conference Conor McGregor had insulted almost every fellow fighter of the same gender and weight. And while most of the UFC athletes lost their verbal battles, Mendes was one of those who tried their best to resist. The controversy between two former opponents started after McGregor mentioned “Mendes’ excuses” meaning those who complain at taking the fight on a way too short notice without having a full camp.
We’re not so good at the art of trash talking so instead of retelling we give you a huge quote of McGregor’s and Mendes’ verbal shot exchange.
Mendes: I fought the guy on two weeks notice so let’s see if he stays in the featherweight division long enough to fight me.
McGregor: I’ll fight you on three weeks notice, too.
Mendes: No you would not. Let’s make a bet here. If you f..king have the…
McGregor: How much? With that half a million. You making bets with that half a million I gave you? $48,000 you went from. You went from $48,000 to half a million. Thank me and be grateful.
Mendes: Are you done f..king talking now? Take this fight on two weeks notice with me, m……, and I’ll whoop your ass.
McGregor: Two weeks, three weeks. I butchered your face. I K.O.ed you, you were curled up like a bitch. You were curled up like a bitch! I butchered your butt you couldn’t even lift your hands up. The knockout speaks for itself. And you hit the deck like a bitch. I did want to speak to you because you called yourself the Mike Tyson of the featherweight division and I marched forward, stood in the pocket and said, ‘what have you got?’ And you hit like a strawweight.
Mendes: “F..king idiot”.
So that’s it. McGregor surely knows how to sell not only fights but pressers as well but this was the first time when his derogatory and disrespectful manners met more criticism than support. The distance between being cocky and being a moron is shorter than it may seem.