Conor McGregor vs Chad Mendes – the final staredown at the weigh-in!

Conor: “I’m gonna raise gold for Ireland!”

Vegas is the long-time home for UFC events but last night, when Conor McGregor entered the hall for the final weigh ins, Vegas turned into Dublin immediately. The crowd not only cheered “The Notorious” but supported him with numerous Irish national colors and chants. Compared to Conor, Chad Mendes entered the stage in silence. It looked like no one who came to watch the weigh ins was going to root for him. But that seems to make Mendes only more motivated – just when it was announced that “Money” tipped the scales at 144,5 pounds, Mendes jumped off and rushed to Conor as if the fight had begun making Dana White intervene a little more than he usually has to.
However in their post-staredown speeches both fighters were more reserved than before and more concentrated on the upcoming fight. Conor actually repeated what he had previously said on Mendes and called him “an overblown midget” (last time it was “a five foot six overblown bodybuilder”). What really drove the crowd crazy was his further statement, saying “tomorrow night I’m gonna cut him (Chad Mendes – Double-Knockout.Com) in half, I’m gonna raise gold for Ireland, for my country!”.
Mendes was briefer and, honestly, less impressive in his final speech. Accompanied by the crowd’s booing he said: “This is f…ing awesome, man. Look at this s..t! It’s time to take what’s mine, baby!” But even if Mendes had lost his trash talk battle (and, frankly, it’s hardly possible to beat Conor in his domain), he remains one of the premier fighters in the featherweight division.