Conor McGregor training with the ‘Master of movement’!

Watch out, Jose, he’s getting more and more dangerous!

Conor McGregor is confident that Jose Aldo won’t show up in December. However, “The Notorious” keeps training hard and details of his training routine that happen to appear on Youtube are very impressive yet a bit hard to understand.
No, seriously, why would a featherweight spar with the guy who is three times heavier than him? I mean, even if McGregor gains some weight and moves to the lightweight division he’ll hardly face anyone of the kind. This new video also looks a bit strange but at least this time we can think of a good reason. Everybody knows McGregor is obsessed with movement and considers movement training not a bit less important than striking, grappling or cardio. His new training partner is Ido Portal (pronounced ‘I Do Portal’), a renowned movement expert, who is just as obsessed with the physical as the Irish MMA star.
Ido Portal started with the studying traditional martial arts and capoeira. Then, according to his own words, he began ‘a lifetime journey leading to the realization that I don’t just love Martial Arts or Strength or this or that, but I am actually obsessed with… Movement’. After countless and unsuccessful efforts to find someone who could teach Ido pure and perfect movement, Portal came to conclusion that he’s the only one who could do that. “I tried not neglecting any angle, from nutritional approaches to movement and health, to functional anatomy and physiology, to methodology of the training process, to mental aspects of movement practice and more,” he explains his teaching concept.
In his recent interview to London Real Ido Portal confessed that he admires Conor McGregor and stated that he would like to train with him some day. So when he came to Dublin, he spent some hours with McGregor and his fellow UFC fighter Gunnar Nelson who also gets ready for his bout against Demian Maia in December. Portal described the training session as “teaching this new generation of fighters and equipping them with a paradigm shift — new hybrid tools, unseen before, new philosophy about their practice, new skill set and abilities.” December, 12 will show if this training approach works better compared to that of Jose Aldo, who, judging by his videos, sticks to more traditional methods.