Conor McGregor’s insults to Jose Aldo – all in one video!

The Irish knows how to get under Aldo’s skin!

After Holly Holm dethroned Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 all eyes are set on Conor McGregor. Is the interim featherweight champ going to destroy Jose Aldo or will the Brazilian get him ‘rouseyed’? These days Conor McGregor speaks more about earning money for UFC than destroying his opponents and, in fact, he’s getting a bit boring in this new role.

So why not have a look at the good but not so old days when Conor McGregor was in his trash talk prime? Just as soon as his fight against Jose Aldo was announced, ‘The Notorious’ proved himself a real master of mental wars. Long before the first real shot he threw dozens of verbal jabs, hooks and uppercuts on his opponent, receiving a little response from Aldo. You can watch the best of them in this almost eight minute long video, including, of course, the most devastating strike, when McGregor stole Aldo’s belt in Dublin during the UFC 189 promotional tour.

Let’s hope nothing prevents Jose Aldo from taking part in the UFC 194 headliner on December 12. This battle, whatever its outcome is going to be, will be the perfect fight to crown the year .