Conor McGregor goes ‘metaphysical’ in a brilliant parody!

Prepare to see the McGregor you’ve never seen before!

The hype that surrounds Conor McGregor in his entire UFC career was destined to create a great number of parodies and impersonators of the UFC interim featherweight champ. Most of those who try to copy McGregor, imitate his voice and manners. That sounds and looks fun until you actually get sick of it. But only guys from Chaps Eye have dared to investigate McGregor’s soul – and that makes their parody truly hilarious.
So what does it mean – to get metaphysical Conor McGregor’s way? “The Notorious” is known for his obsession with movement training, he even analyses animals movements to get more ductile than his opponents. This ‘Conor’ shifts the boundaries even further – he highly appreciates 2nd Movement of Piano Concerto #2 by Dmitry Shostakovich (“Dmitry, you’re an animal!”) and studies the earth plates movements to become more competitive.
We all know there are few fighters who could make a serious opposition to McGregor in UFC featherweight division but who’s McGregor’s worst enemy? You’ll get the answer when you see the UFC most-hyped male fighter trying to compete with his inner demons. The final promo of McGregor vs. McGregor fight is funny but what of the Irish beats Jose Aldo in December? Finding a good matchup for him will be a tough task then.