Conor McGregor Fires Back At 50 Cent’s ‘White Boy’ Diss

03_620_417288796698192951520619577.9919Conor McGregor has never been one to shy away from confrontation, whether it’s physical or verbal.

During the leadup to his August 2017 super fight with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, Floyd’s on-again, off-again friend rapper 50 Cent decided to post his feelings on social media regarding McGregor.

The two have gone back-and-forth since then, with “The Notorious” firing back after the rapper made a post that has since been deleted saying he was ‘a decent fighter for a white boy’ about him online.

McGregor took it a bit personally, firing back at 50 with a seething online post full of several disses focusing on the star rapper’s age:

Happy international Women’s day everyone! Get your tits out for the lads ladies. We love you. Superior genes my big ballsack mate. I am made of granite. You need a bra. You jabbed up fool.Hahahaha you should have stayed quiet and promoted that fight for me on the free like you did. But you just kept going with them fucking memes. Your 50, 50. 50 years old. Fuck off. It’s all love tho fifty serious, you are a mad bastard, but we still proper love a few of your tunes over on this side of the world.I even blasted one of them on the free walking into madison square garden to take one of my belts. It was called I run New York. @beatsbydre