Conor McGregor bare knuckle sparring with The Mountain!

The Mountain is three times heavier than Conor!

Everybody knows that the competition in UFC featherweight male division is just as weak as in its female bantamweight reigned by Ronda Rousey. Well, just a couple of days ago there was a huge chance to restore the competition, as Conor McGregor took part in a friendly sparring with the guy who was three times heavier than the interim featherweight champ!
The Goliath’s name is Thor Bjornsson who is famous for his acting as the Mountain in Game of Thrones and also is the Europe’s Strongest Man. And you know what? He just screwed. Actually it’s not the first time when Bjornsson cannot win in a competition with someone who is way smaller. Recently he lost a friendly arm wrestling match to Devon Larratt, a two-time World Arm Wrestling League champion who is Larratt is 6’5” and 225 pounds compared to Bjornsson’s 6 foot 9 inches and 419 pounds.
Even McGregor’s haters can sympathize to the notorious Irish at the start of the vid – he looks so small and his ‘animal’ movements seem to be so useless against Bjornsson’s raw power. You just feel that the huge guy will make a smoothy out of McGregor in less than a minute. Well, he didn’t. More than that, McGregor is hitting him pretty hard in the end of the video. There’s little wonder that the Irish shared this clip on his Facebook page with a #TheBiggerTheyAre hashtag as a headline.