CM Punk Spars Before His UFC Debut

He’s already getting the crap beat out of him

On Monday night, Fox Sports 1 aired the first episode of the new UFC documentary series The Evolution of Punk, chronicling Phil “CM Punk” Brooks’ long, difficult journey from WWE to the Octagon. As many fans know, his UFC debut has been pushed back again and again. Now he’s finally set to fight Mickey Gall at UFC 203 and so we’re getting a look at this documentary series, which has a fair share of revelations due to its all-access nature.

Punk, of course, is desperate to separate himself from the pro wrestling world that brought him fame and prove himself as a “legitimate” athlete, but he’ll never be able to truly put pro wrestling behind him. Punk is getting hit in the head a lot during sparring, because he’s still learning striking and striking defense. He’s also learning grappling, and takedown defense, and submission defense. It’s not going well, as you can see in this clip from his first sparring session (at Week 8 of his training!), where he gets tapped out twice, while looking incredibly sad and frustrated.