Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett scores his first win with a massive slam knockout!

Bennett’s second fight was his first win(watch replay at 6:33 mark)

Charles Bennett is a clear example of a guy whose background is fighting against his potential. He was born in the family of crack users which had eleven kids including Bennett. Bennett started his adult life selling dope but then, after his first child was born, decided he’d better switch to something less dangerous from the law point of view which was MMA.
“Krazy Horse’s” MMA debut happened in September, 1999 at the Lionheart Invitational against John Swift, and the outcome was bad for Bennett as he lost via rear naked choke submission. However, the guy didn’t lose his spirits and almost a year later, on August 26, 2000 stepped in the cage to lock horns with Todd Carney at the World Extreme Fighting prelims.
Bennett brought the fight to the ground with a huge slam early in the opening round and attempted an armbar. Though Carney escaped, he couldn’t get rid of Bennett and throw him off his back. An unlucky armbar was followed by a rear naked choke attempt. Carney countered with a barrage of shots to the body and went for a guillotine which also wasn’t completed, then pushed Bennett to the cage fence. Suddenly Bennett preformed another slam which was maybe not so impressive as the starting one but it was devastating for Carney – Bennett’s opponent just crashed his head in the canvas and was clearly knocked out.
That win could very well be a start of a great MMA career but not in Bennet’s case. From 1999 to 2009 he earned a massive criminal record of fourteen arrests on charges like selling cocaine, burglary, aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, and possession of MDMA. His fighting record was way less impressive (22-26 by now). Perhaps, Bennett spent too much time on things which have no connection with combat sports. In a way, he admitted it in his interview to “Bleacher Report” in 2011. “When I got 22 losses, I realized that I needed to train”, he admitted.