Championship Bout Ended Early by Cocky Fighter

That guy has brass balls, but a glass jaw.

This fight was for the Summit Fighting Championship Middleweight belt. Both fighters entered the ring calm and composed – first Rudy McGlothin, the challenger in the yellow trunks- then Linc Battee, the champ in the dark trunks who entered somewhat ironically to Sail by Awolnation, the song made famous by the Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman II Matchup. Undoubedtedly Battee felt inspired by the music, as this fight was also a rematch, but ultimately the song foretold the swift ending of the match.

As the fighters came out Battee employed what seemed a fairly lazy high guard. McGlothin’s swift and brutal kick across the ribs hurt Battee badly, it looked like it might have struck him straight in the solar plexus as it went across his ribs, which can be a crippling blow.

Enduring the following flurry of mostly misplaced punches from McGlothin made Battee feel invincible it would seem, because rather than commit to the takedown or circle away from danger, Battee decided to show everyone he could take anything McGlothin threw at him and stood in front of the challenger with his hands down, perhaps uttering taunts.

Newsflash pal: you’re not Anderson Silva, and even he eventually got knocked out doing that.

In the following flurry McGlothin had almost no chance of not landing several punches flush on Battee’s jaw. In my opinion Battee might well have been out on his feet, and the way he appeared to “taunt” McGlothin might well have been the most movement his battered body could produce. The referee could certainly have jumped in sooner.

I think the big kick to the body was the key to victory here, and it’s a good thing that cup shots are outlawed in MMA, because if McGlothin had kicked Battee in the groin instead of the ribs, he might have broken his foot. In other words, Battee has solid brass balls.