Champion boxer Deontay Wilder Knocks Out Internet Troll

You gotta see this!

Charlie Zelenoff, who subjected Wilder to years of abuse on social media and harassed him with phone calls, challenged the 28-year-old to a bout to settle their differences. The 2008 Olympic bronze medallist accepted Zelenoff’s offer and met him at the Hollywood Boxing Gym on Wednesday evening. Wilder was keen to get revenge on the wannabe fighter after claiming that Zelenoff racially abused him and made comments about his daughter, who suffers from spina bifida.

Their bout began on the gym floor when Zelenoff threw a wild right hand before appearing to run for the door. Wilder soon caught up with his opponent and knocked him to the floor twice in quick succession. Despite his arrogance prior to the fight, Zelenoff then backed off as members of Wilder’s entourage attempted to calm him down and stop him from delivering a knockout blow.

The undefeated heavyweight can be heard shouting: ‘Don’t you ever call me a n***** again. Don’t you ever say you’re going to tape my daughter.’