Chad Mendes: “I will be the champion”

Is Mendes a worthy substitution?

Their names both start with C and M, their records are alike and feature seventeen wins and two losses, they both fight in the featherweight division – and that’s just about all that Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes have in common. On July 11 we are going to see two fighters with an absolutely different style and approach.

While Conor appears to be a real knockout machine with only one fight won by submission and one by decision, Mendes’s ways of defeating his opponents are much more various.  UFC commentator Joe Rogan defines Mendes as “a wrestler with extreme pressure who has vicious knockout power” and “the most dangerous guy that Conor McGregor has faced inside the Octagon”. Does that mean Conor is in danger?

“The Notorious” reports he’s ready to pull the trigger and earn his eighteenth victory and the interim belt in front of his fellow countrymen. Just as usual, the Irish demonstrates a top level self-confidence (“I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I look at myself and I think I wouldn’t really wanna fight me either”). But as for Mendes he’s not less sure of his future victory and states he was ready for the fight long before he was actually named as a substitution.

“Once I knew that this fight was gonna happen with Aldo and Conor there was definitely something in my mind saying ‘You need to stay ready’. I feel like I’m a perfect guy to get in there and beat a guy like Conor. This is a bad matchup for him especially on two weeks notice. I’ve seen this fight go a bunch of different ways, seen myself submitting him, seen myself knock him out… I wouldn’t even be upset if this went five rounds of me just beating the crap out of Conor McGregor. I don’t know for sure how this fight’s gonna end but I will be the champion”, Chad says in this “UFC 189: Chad Mendes – Stepping Up” video.

So how would you like Mendes to win this fight if you’re going to root for Chad on Saturday night?