Terrible slam ends an amateur fight in 20 seconds

Aaron “Beat-Dem’Up” Smith defended his Exile MMA welterweight title belt against Bob “The Hick Form the Sticks” Mezzano with a slam that scared everyone in the crowd and drained all life from his opponent.

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Crazy takedown faceplant knockout!

Dan Yates seemed to be in control and close to win in the opening round of his fight against Robert Gidron at Knockout Promotions in Musketon, Michigan. But one lucky slam had changed it all.

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An earthquake body slam at a sumo match

Byambajav Ulambayar, 360 lbs., and Kelly Gneiting, 430 lbs., collide at the 2013 US Sumo Open. Watch the epic body slam by Mongolian wrestler in slow motion to feel the power of sumo.

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