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The best fights at Double Knockout

Most amazing capoeira knockout ever recorded HD

Marcus “Lelo” Aurelio ( Professor Barraozinho ) of Axe Capoeira Vancouver knocks out Keegan “The Marshall” Marshall at North American Challenge in North Vancouver, Best… Knockout… EVER! Also this is the first meia lua KO in MMA history all in 20 seconds!!

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Cross punch K.O. Kickboxing.

1st Ukrainian tournament fisticuffs “Prilutsky Hertz” Alexander Matveyev in blue gloves, -75kg. Knockout by right cross punch. Cross – is a type of direct kick with his right hand, is a strong, often a knockout blow in boxing. It is usually used after pretreatment when the enemy opened. Just beat him to meet strike an opponent. […]

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Final of the TFC Event. 5 vs 5 MMA rules team fight

That’s our second post in a row on the first ever Team Fighting Championship. Five teams of four fighters each fought in this contest, with LPH from Poznan, Poland and Jungvolk from Moscow, Russia emerging as the opponents in the final and decisive match.

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