Best Fights

The best fights at Double Knockout

Capoeira Flying Switch kick KO

Marcus ‘Lelo’ Aurelio and Jose Cornejo kicked off an explosive card with one of the craziest knockouts in Battlefield Fight League history.

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Crazy HW MMA brawl

Two big men going at it, throwing and taking hard punches in this fight for the C8 Heavyweight Title.

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Brutal WMMA knockout

Crazy Female MMA Knockout, two punches This fight was contested in August 2013 for the 105 pound women’s title. Jinh Yu Frey vs Darla Harris.

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Nearly a double KO in MMA fight

This is one of those rare things that happens in MMA and while we never want to see a guy get knocked out like this, it’s is pretty awesome to watch, even in an amateur context.

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‘King Craig’ Vitale. Vicious uppercut. KO of the year candidate

Holding a 4-4 kickboxing record, but on debut as a boxer, Johnny Kavana played ot the crowd on announcement but in all fairness was never in the fight. Kavana had every intent in making ‘King Craig’ earn his win, but it was a short night at the office as a vicous upper-cut finished the fight after 51 secs of the opening round. KO1

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