Capoeira spinning kick KO

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One should have a perfect technique to succeed. Capoeira techniques are as flashy as they get. It’s pleasant to look at the smooth moves of a dancing fighter. When kick knockouts are performed by the capoeira fighter it sure looks impressive. Kicks are strong but they do not look so violent in capoeira. We are hypnotized by the fighter moves which are performed in a relaxed way.
What is incredible about capoeira in MMA, it’s an excellent tool against the fighters who are not aware of capoeira moves. Even if they are theoretically, it’s still unpredictable for them because only practitioner can answer back adequately. That is the main trick of its use not to mention lots of details in movements. The incongruity is so obvious that it is even surprising about its combination with other martial arts.
MMA fighter should learn to evade tricks of a skillful capoeira fighter if he wants to be a MMA winner. The fighter did not manage it this time and was KOed seriously with a kick. This incredible knockout was performed in a jump and deserves the praise. I think that the number of capoeira enthusiasts increase each time they see the knockouts of this type.
Flexibility, strength, mobility, agility and dexterity are the properties that the fighter develops when he is practicing capoeira. No need to say that these properties are irreplaceable in MMA. Superb body control and movements that seem to be so relaxed add more scores to it while it is presented as spectacular sport to the audience. This is what we come to the battles for – to see a rare bout that will strike our imagination. It always works greatly when high level capoeira fighters are involved. The show is almost always incredible and the fans are pleased.