Capoeira Flying Switch kick KO

The capoeira dance is over with striking win!

All majestic smooth movements of Marcus Lelo Aurelio are explained by the fact that he is a good MMA fighter who uses capoeira skillfully.
Marcus seems to be so passionate about capoeira that does not want to stop even at MMA battle!
If you do not know, capoeira is dance and acrobatics – all in one turned out to be a deadly mix on this match!
This fight is going to be one of my favorites for sure. This is a true evidence that MMA is an art and that was amazing performance! Thanks, Marcus, for that! We love your style! Especially, when it brings the results! He made it so easily as if in a dance.
Marcus is very hard to confront when he spins like that. He is unpredictable for the opponent just because he does not understand his style and can’t predict it.  We see back and forth movement and do not understand what Marcus is doing. Is that normal? It’s a kind of normal – the commentator assures.
MMA is unexpected and incredible as it combines different fighting arts. It makes this sport so versatile. When you come to the match you are always surprised and do not know what you are going to get this time. Those who expected much from this bout are certainly pleased but I am sure such moments even surpass the expectations.
The relaxed manner of the winner is a special pleasure. It seems that he is not going to attack…
And suddenly – big switch kick! At the unexpected moment! A knockout kick! Fantastic culmination. He made it brilliantly