Capoeira coach takes gun from an armed attacker

Learn how to protect yourself the capoeira way!

No one doubts that boxing, muay thai or judo can be useful and effective when it goes about self-defense. It’s absolutely different with capoeira, as there are still many people who think that this Brazilian martial art has more dancing than fighting in it. Sure when you see two capoeiristas practicing in a “roda” (a circle formed by other capoeiristas and musicians) with little intention to hit or at least touch an opponent, it’s hard to believe capoeira can be useful. Marcos Aurelio and Cairo Rocha have already proved that capoeira comes in handy in mixed martial arts. Now it’s time for Ras, a capoeira coach at Atacx Gym (San Diego, CA, USA) to show that the Brazilian invention can be helpful in everyday life too.

Ras’ Youtube channel is packed with videos that show, in his own words, ‘a real world capoeira’. This particular one demonstrates how to disarm an assaulter who puts the gun to your head – one of the worst situations you can imagine, isn’t it? According to Ras, capoeira skills can help you to make it the worst situation ever for the attacker. Looks like it really works good, but let’s hope none of you will have to test it anywhere else but the gym.