Butterbean vs. Bart Gunn – Brawl for All: WrestleMania

Even by normal boxing standards, that’s one of the most vicious KO’s

During 1998, the WWE made a horrible decision to run a legitimate boxing tournament called “Brawl for All” featuring their own wrestlers.

It was a bad idea from the start.

Firstly, the wrestlers had no boxing training and the fights were extremely sloppy. Secondly, many of the wrestlers were injured during the competition, and some never wrestled in the WWE ever again. Thirdly, watching legitimate boxing matches reinforced how fake the wrestling matches truly were. Finally, the competition did absolutely nothing to push any of the wrestlers.

“Dr. Death” Steve Williams was getting a push from the WWE heading into the competition, but he got knocked out by Bart Gunn. The knockout loss crippled his marketability. However, Williams wasn’t the only wrestler to be knocked out by Gunn. Bart also knocked out “The Godfather,” and Bradshaw.

So what did Gunn get for knocking out three wrestlers and winning the tournament? How about a date with a professionally trained boxer at Wrestle Mania 15. The result was predictably devastating for Gunn.

It’s pretty horrible that the WWE allowed Gunn to step into the ring with Butterbean. It’s one thing to beat up wrestlers that have never boxed in their lives, it’s something completely different to fight a legitimate professional. Despite his success against his fellow wrestlers, Gunn was knocked out cold by Butterbean in less than 40 seconds.

So what did we learn?

Basically, the WWE allowed their wrestlers to knock each other out, and then the winner was sacrificed to a professional. At the end of the tournament, every wrestler came out with a squashed reputation.