Brutal WMMA backfist KO

It took Middleton a series of spinning backfists to win an amateur women slugfest.

A cage fight between bantamweight amateurs Jessica Middleton and Holly Torrez at Blackout FC 26 show in Kansas City, MO (November 8th, 2014) was not meant to be a hit of the night by all means. Still it turned out to be quite memorable with several minutes of passion, fury, courage and everything else we love MMA for.

Torrez dominated at the very beginning of the first round forcing Middleton to defend and making her nose bleed. A sudden spinning backfist in the middle of the round seemed to catch Holly by surprise. It was vicious and precise enough to make Torrez kind of timid. Since that moment Jessica Middleton grabbed the “aggressor’s” role.

Before the bell rang, Middleton had tried several spinning backfists more, all of them not a bit less furious. Still this game plan (if it really was a plan, not an impromptu) looked useless cause none of those strikes hit the target as good as the first one. Middleton’s left and right hooks were much more dangerous.

Surprisingly the “backfist strategy” did work in the second round! Middleton threw one more (it was the fifth, I guess) backfist which landed hammer-like making Holly Torrez fall down – a pure falling tree knockout!

Torrez’s shy and embarrassed smile at the end of this vid will tell you everything you need to know about the whole fight and her opponent in particular – Middleton appears to be a hard-hitting, resisting and nasty opponent. A bleeding nose may look horrible but it’s sure not enough to make this girl surrender