Brutal spinning back elbow KO

A brilliant comeback with an elbow KO!

Well, it’s up to you. You may start watching the video from the recommended time mark of 4:55 and see Theo Michailidis landing a spinning back elbow on Corrin Eaton’s jaw. Watch the video further on, seeing Michailidis celebrating his victory and Eaton congratulating his opponent – and you’re sure to decide that this fight was quite an easy walk for the bald guy from London. The strike is good, but MMA is all about good strikes, isn’t it? So is there any solid reason for the Sherdog.Com team to call it one of the best KOs of 2014? To find the answer you’ll need to watch the vid from the start.

A fighter from Ipswich (Suffolk), Corrin Eaton looked at least equal to Michailidis, his professional career consisting of a three-win streak before stepping in the cage on December 6th at the British Challenge MMA show. He was close to an early win successively threatening Eaton with a standing arm-triangle choke, than a takedown followed by ground-and-pound and finally with an avalanche of knee strikes, body punches and violent hooks to the head. Frankly, 9 of 10 similar bouts would end right then by ref’s decision. But Jason Coolidge let the guys have all the fun and can be considered a co-author of Michailidis’s victory.

It’s not absolutely clear how Theo Michailidis managed to survive Eaton’s enormous pressure. What is clear is the fact that Corrin spent too much, if not all his strength, on this long-lasting attack of his. And maybe he was already thinking of finishing his opponent in the second round when Michailidis used his possibly last chance to attack. A spinning back elbow almost cut Eaton down, thus finishing the bout with a great comeback. Show this video to anyone who’ll ask you about the true MMA spirit – it’s worth a thousand words