Brutal spinning back elbow KO in Muay Thai.

Looks like winner was weight class bigger than other guy. KO at 4:55 mark

If you are not acquainted to Thai Box, well, for sure you have to correct this impropriate gap in your knowledge or even sport experience. Have you seen unpredictable spinning back elbow made by Ivan Ferrero from Argentina? No? Take your seat and grab some pop corn, you will love it! It even looks like horrible pain, guess how it was felt! Ivan’s moves are spectacular and have their own style. Muay Thai is worth its translation as a “free fight” as your eyes can not even catch some moves these sportsmen do on the ring. Can you? Come on, we sure you can not, even we had been watching this video several times to get what and how Fererro did it! Real professional guy and artist at the same time on the boxing scene, do you agree?
Just watch and admire how Ivan Ferrero made his incredible hook and cold packed his opponent on the 5th minute during the second round. What a sharp knock-out! A considerable difference in weight can be seen but, huh, isn’t that a great fight on the screen anyway? It might hurt pretty well, seems like even doctors were confused but they reacted really fast. Hope the first aid they provided was helpful as we would not like to get such spinning back elbow to our face, looks horrible and, we bet, felt even worse!
Despite the fact that this fight is noticeable because of that knock-out, all rounds are pretty challenging and exciting too. Thai Box is something beyond the mind, we can not call it just “punches on the ring”, it is a total performance with sharp-cut moves of the whole body. We sure you will enjoy this video as much as we did, fascinating and painful at the same time!

Ivan Ferrero KO’d his opponent with a spinning back elbow in Rd 3. He sent the guy to the hospital with it