Brutal right-left KO at Bellator 131

He wins just when it seems his chance has gone!

“He looks very, very strong. But when I was on my back and he was throwing punches, my position as bad as it was, I was thinking “oh, he’s not that strong, I can get through this”. And when we got to the feet I thought his spirit has broken a little bit”. Joe Schilling in his post-fight interview looked and sounded calm and confident. But several minutes he spent in the cage face to face and blow-for-blow with Melvin Manhoef did make some hearts pump fast.

Joe’s first MMA experience in 2008 was not much of a success, he went 1-3. A kickboxer, Schilling remembered that when he started an MMA career he frequently “had no f…ing clue what to do”. After that he turned to intense MMA training for five years – so did it pay off in the cage?

Joe stated that the training came in handy, but he obviously had serious problems with resisting Melvin at the early stage. Manhoef’s fists of iron kept throwing vicious punches and in the middle of the first round one of them sent Schilling to the canvas. Manhoef switched to ground-and-pound immediately and though he didn’t finish Schilling by the end of the round, only a few could predict that it would all be different right after the break.

Nah, it’s bad when you have legs and fists of iron and a chin of glass. Twenty seconds later Manhoef first suffered a left to the head and rushed to restore his control of the fight. Schilling’s right hook came in fast, unexpected and deadly. Actually it might have been quite enough, Manhoef started falling after the first hook. But one more shot followed, a sharp, quick and finishing left landed on Melvin’s chin – boom, lights out for the Dutch guy.
Great hard punching show, wonderful match ups – what more can you expect?