When taunting goes wrong.

You shall not taunt Sower! Watch replay at 23:51

“Killer instinct”, according to Collins dictionary, is “a ruthless determination to succeed”. If this definition is right, then the Dutch kickboxer Andy Sower is a symbol of killer instinct. With a stunning record of 156-17-1, he seems to be one of the most tough, persistent and hart-hitting welterweight fighters in kickboxing today. The video we offer here is a great evidence of that and if you got some spare time, don’t hesitate to watch it from the start – it’s sure worth it.

Sower faced the Iranian fighter Ardalan Sheikholeslami (30-4-1) at Enfusion Live 22 in Groningen, Netherlands on November 23, 2014. The fight was set for five three-minute rounds taking almost four rounds to define the winner. For two rounds it was more or less a back and forth fight. Sower was expectedly more active, however, Ardalan often countered him with single punches and low kicks and these shots were good enough though rare. He kept smiling and even laughing just to show that Sower’s shots didn’t inflict much damage. Maybe that was the reason why Sower increased his pressure significantly as the third round started. Every new attack of the Dutch fighter was more and more nasty. Though Ardalan smiled even after he got punched right in the face, this smile had more despair than irony  in it. Before the break fans saw the first blood – Ardalan’s nose was bleeding while Sower got a cut under his right eye.

The fourth round showed Andy Sower pushing his aggressiveness pedal to the metal. A great knee was followed by a vicious side head kick, a left hook and a knee again to the body – Ardalan was rocked but still held the pressure. Maybe he could have made it to the final round but for one crucial mistake. After another knee shot by Sower Ardalan smiled again and dropped hands taunting his opponent but Sower already was not in the kidding mood. He unleashed a hail of punches which first stunned Ardalan and then made him stretch out on the canvas – the ref stopped the bout ruling it a TKO. Ardalan was furious but later pulled himself together and showed good temper – check the end of the video where he does not just give Sower a friendly hug but makes a brief but respectful speech on his opponent to the camera.