Brutal punch knockout made in Italy!

Out cold before touching the mat!

Even if you are weaker and less skilled than your opponent a right cross is a powerful punch. A weak jab – yeah, it happens sometimes. A weak hook is also frequent. But a weak right cross is a very rare thing. And if you really know how to land strikes, it may become deadly for your opponents. Didi Druica, a Romanian boxer and kickboxer who lives and fights in Italy knows it’s true. As well as Vincenzo “El Diablo” el Orafy who felt the power of Druica’s right hand in the ring.
Didi Druica’s name can be found on numerous boxing websites which say his boxing record is 1-0-1 but this is a K-1 fight from Grand Prix Roma kickboxing in 2011. The fight was scheduled for three three-minute rounds but it took Druica only 28 seconds to settle all matters. Unfortunately there’s very little any further info on the fight. The Fight TV which uploaded the video to Youtube seems to be no more, as the domain name is on sale now (just in case you were thinking of making your own fighting channel with blackjack and hookers).
But who needs all those details and stuff when the strike speaks for itself? Only several seconds into the fight Vincenzo el Orafy threw a left side kick which was perfectly countered by Druica – the Romanian landed a massive right overhand cross that got square on el Orafy’s chin and dropped him to the mat stiff and unconscious. Medics rushed for help and Didi Druica started celebrating – and yes, there was something to celebrate, this was one epic knockout, a must watch for any combat sports fan.