Brutal one kick seizure knockout

A TFC undercard fight ends with fast seizure knockout

We’ll never find out if Jorge Ignacio was ready for his fight on April 26th, 2013, in Willow Springs, IL. All he managed to do in the cage was touching the gloves of his opponent Dion Walker. Just a few seconds later and Ignacio got put to sleep after the very first brutal head kick. The knockout was so vicious that Ignacio’s legs and arms started shaking while he was lying unconscious on the ground. One of the comments about this video on YouTube describes it as “a Harlem shake”, while the other one reminds ironically that Ignacio’s team is called “South Side Knockout”. Despite the fact that medics came to help him immediately, Ignacio could not get to his feet in the cage and was reported to respond in the locker room backstage. A member of “The Rebels of Destruction” Dion Walker stood alone in the cage, accepting greetings and congrats on the victory. This fight at 170 lbs became the shortest among 12 matches at the TFC show in the Willowbrook Ballroom with a 145 lb title fight between Horacio Gutierrez (Chicago Fight Team) and Jorge Gonzalez (Team Colon) as the main event. It’s worth mentioning, that Walker’s victory somewhat sweetened the pill for the ”Rebels of Destruction” because his teammates were not so lucky that night. Brandon Grach could not win his fight, losing by an armbar in the lightweight title bout against ”Chicago Fight Team’s” Miguel Luis and Moses Dixon lost a flyweight championship bout by TKO to ”Team Mota/Viteri’s” Ricky Alanis.