Brutal KO – Face down

Near somersault punch ko – opponent gets dropped like a sack of potatoes

This is one of the most amazing knockouts I’ve ever seen. David Van didn’t even see it coming, one second he’s up and fighting, and the next thing you know Van is on the floor. Doesn’t seem David Van took it too well either, his crew had to literally clean him up off the floor. This is a fantastic win for Tick the MMA fighter with Thailand Quest Fight Group.
According to the Thailand Fight Group, this is only Tick’s second fight. With how quickly and skillfully he knocks out his opponent, I am surely impressed. This video has been creating quite the buzz just for how he knocked out his opponent. No one has seen a knock out quite like this before. Watch the video closely, Tick throws his opponent off by kicking him first and then psyches him out by throwing a couple punches. Only after throwing those couple punches toward his opponent does he go into the impressive knock out move. Tick punches his opponent, David Van, so hard that the movement makes him rebound into a somersault over his left shoulder. Like I mentioned earlier, David Van is out so long that his crew has to come clean him up off the floor, I sense some concern for how long it took him to come back from that knock out.
Tick has not had too long of a career yet, remember this is only his second professional fight, but I look forward to seeing what he has to bring to the table. Tick seems full of the kind of skill and potential that we are just waiting to see unleashed on his next opponent. I will stay tuned to see what is coming from him next.