Brutal KO by “Giant Killer” in K-1 World Grand Prix 2004

That kick could’ve cut a tree in half! Brutal!

Kaoklai Keannorsing is born on 13 September 1983. His real name is Athit Damkam. With his weigh at 176 pounds, Kaoklai is the lightest competitor in the K-1 Superheavyweight division, which in the past only courted fighters at a 200lb minimum. His fight are good examples of quickness and precise attack which make him able to fight with tougher guy. He also known in K-1 as the Giant Killer.

Since his debut in K-1 July 17th at the Asian GP in Seoul, Korea, Kaoklai made his presence felt and showed that size can be an overrated factor. He would begin his brilliant career in K-1 with a quick knockout of Denis Kang in the 1st round. Kaoklai would go on to get decision victories over Tsyoshi Nakasako, and Shingo Koyasu to take the tournament victory and earn his spot in the 2004 Grand Prix. His next fight would be a total write off of Kaoklai Kaennorsing.

Kaoklai Kaennorsing was the first Thai K-1 Grand Prix winner at Seoul in July of 2004 at only 176 lb, beating fighters of 195 and 216 lb in the process. As well as winning the GP in Seoul, two of Kaoklai’s other great moments in K-1 came as he demonstrated the true attributes of a great Muay-Thai fighter. Beating the giant 1.96 m (6 ft 5 in), 118 kg (260 lb) Belarussian Alexey ‘the Red Scorpion’ Ignashov to a decision over 4 gruelling rounds and his spectacular 1st round KO over the American Mighty Mo weighing in at 132 kg (290 lb)!