Brutal knockout and tossing around the ring!

Sometimes you don’t need to be taller and have a greater reach to win

Taking a fight on short notice is always a challenge. Some, like Chad Mendes, step in the cage and show an excellent performance. Some don’t. The fight card of FFC 19, an MMA tournament in Linz, Austria, featured the Bosnian Tomislav Spahovic against Nikolai Salchow (Germany). The fight was long-awaited as Spahovic (8-5) was to face Salchow (5-0) first in 2014 and then in May 2015 but both bouts were cancelled due to injuries – the first by Salchow and the second one by Spahovic. Unfortunately, both light heavyweights didn’t meet this time as well, as another injury forced Salchow to withdraw from the fight card again.
Nikolai Salchow was replaced by Cracie Barra Combat Team prospect Gustav Dietz whose record by the fight day consisted of two losses and a single win over Attila Palfi at Panhungaria Kupa in Hungary. The choice of a matchup for Spahovic was arguable, as Dietz had a two year break since his latest fight and his only victory had happened five years before FFC 19.
So when Spahovic and Dietz met in Tips Arena in Linz, the Bosnian released all his inner demons and took a brutal revenge for all his waiting in vain. Dietz tried his best and landed some kicks but Spahovic just didn’t give him a single chance and kept tossing the Austrian around the ring in a scary bull terrier fashion. The name of the winner became clear soon after the start and the only intrigue was of Dietz would make it to the second round. He didn’t, as in the middle of the third minute Spahovic landed a nastiest overhand right and turned lights out for his opponent.