Brutal illegal headkick knockout

What were they both thinking of?

If anyone should think of an award to the most ridiculous MMA show of the decade, Hardrock MMA 43 which was held in Shepherdsville, KY, on February 4, 2012, could be a contender. We’ve seen a cage door with a broken hinge which won the fight against Braedon Ward and Brandon Bishop, now it’s time for another masterpiece.

Chad Sermon knew kicking a grounded fighter in the head is illegal in MMA. He also knew that a fighter is grounded even if he has just one hand on the canvas. What he didn’t know, was the fact that his opponent Brian Kerr was absolutely unaware of those rules. So there was Chad who thought that the best way to get closer to the rival is to squat, put one hand on the mat and jump in some weird “monkey kung-fu” or “frog wushu” style. And there was Brian who saw this and thought: “Oh, look, the guy’s head is ready for a blow. I don’t even have to stretch for a high kick!”

Bang! And Chad Sermon, having suffered a terrible kick to the head, crawls away, obviously not knowing where he is. A medic rushes for rescue, and Brian Kerr sits by the fence waiting for the verdict. The refs were a bit better with the MMA rules, than Brian, so they quickly disqualified Kerr, giving the victory to the guy with the blonde mohawk hairstyle.

By the way, Kerr and Sermon met the following year at Hardrock MMA 58. That time Sermon gave away his goofball-style but it didn’t help anyway – he was KOed with a knee in the first round.