Amateur MMA fighter scores a brutal headkick knockout

He got knocked out so hard he ended up looking dead on the canvas!

Amateur fights don’t get so much attention as top MMA events do and it’s obvious to see why. However, as the average ammy fighter’s skill is somewhat poorer than that of Kimbo Slice, every good shot here is more prominent and worth remembering. James Devine from Florida has a modest record of three wins and one loss, all non-sanctioned fights and we’ll hardly ever see him sighning a contract with Dana White but throughout his amateur career he landed at least one shot which is a must-watch. So let’s head back to the June of 2013 when Devine met Justin Moore at the Real Cage Fighting tournament. That was Devine’s second bout, Moore stepped in the cage for the first time in his life. That is his only fight so far and there’s little surprise in it.

Both fighters were throwing hasty punches and kicks, most of them missing the target. Suddenly Moore made a basic mistake – he dropped his hands and left his head off guard. Devine didn’t hesitate and went for a headkick. A bit lucky, yes, but still it was a beautifully taken headkick. Devine’s left foot dropped Moore to the canvas and it seems the poor kid was out before he had landed. The medics couldn’t make Justin Moore recover for the winner’s announcement, so Devine was standing alone in all his glory.

“I feel like this is amazing”, he said in his brief post-fight interview. Then the interview went into the field of mathematics as the announcer asked Devine which fight it was for him (the answer was “second”) and how many wins did he have on his record (the answer was “two”). “Oh, you’re undefeated!”, exclaimed the man in white shirt. Much obliged, Captain Obvious.