Brutal head kick knockout in a heavyweight MMA fight!

Russian heavyweight drops Mighty Mo with a stunning head kick!

With Alexander Shlemenko’s disqualification, his namesake, Alexander Volkov remains one of the biggest hopes for Russfighters at Bellator. His upcoming battle with the 40-year old French kickboxer Cheick Kongo at Bellator 139 may give the former heavyweight champ a significant boost on his way back to the title.

Both opponents lost their previous bouts – Volkov found himself on the wrong side of split decision against Tony Johnson at Bellator 136 in April, while Kongo lost his fight to Muhammed Lawal at Bellator 134 in February, also via split decision. The other thing that unites Volkov and Kongo is the fact they both were defeated by the reigning Bellator heavyweight champ Vitaly Minakov who hasn’t been seen in the cage for more than a year.

Volkov appears to be more of a striker than his tomorrow opponent with 17 KO or TKO wins on his record (24-5 total). And if you would like to see how it looks like when “Drago” is in the striking mood here’s one of his best knockouts with Mighty Mo playing the victim’s part. The battle unleashed at Bellator 116 in April 2014. With the start Volkov threw a front kick which was caught by Mighty Mo who immediately secured a taledown. Before John McCarthy, the referee, separated the fighters, Drago had enough time to land several hard knees to Siliga’s body. As Mighty Mo rushed for another takedown, Volkov countered with a brilliant left punch-right punch-head kick combination which was fatal for Siliga who collapsed on the canvas.