Brutal flying knee + soccer kicks knockout

Flying knee is followed by two kicks to the head to finish the fight.

What is worse than getting knocked out by a flying knee? How about also getting kicked in the head while you are lying flat on your back. This is exactly what Eduard Folayang experienced when he faced Timofey Nastyukhin at ONE FC 23 – Warriors Way in the Philippines.

Nastyukhin nails Folayang in the chin with a flying knee and sends him to the canvass flat on his back. Nastyukhin then jumps on the Filipino fighter to deliver a right hand to the face and for good measure he finishes off with two soccer kicks to Folayang’s head. The ref, thankfully, calls a stop to the fight at that moment.

In the world of ONE FC these head kicks to a downed opponent are totally legal and some MMA fans say they make the fights more exciting. There are also others who think these kicks have no place in MMA. Knees and kicks to a downed opponent can cause some serious damage to a fighter and, the argument goes, can even result in death.

Regardless of what side of the argument you come down on it needs to be noted that ONE FC, the athletic commissions and the fighters have all agreed to this rule and will accept whatever outcome happens.

Having said that, watching someone get kicked in the head while they are unable to defend themselves is not my idea of a good time.