Brutal 8 second head kick KO

Uruahy Rodrigues wins over Primus Moore in devastating fashion via first round KO from a head kick.

The fight between Ururahy Rodrigues and Primus Moore was marked with fast knockout performed in a devastating way. Many exhilarating moments have taken place on the Arena at Gwinnett Center, where the Fight Party’s “Revenge” show was held. There is some thrill about the show you can’t resist. Fantastic atmosphere of the event does its work, but what goes further is beyond your expectation. We are not disappointed this time as well.
Surely, Ururahy Rodrigues as the owner of MMA gym in Villa Rica, Georgia, is savvy about all kinds of stuff that keeps the audience entertained. This time, though, he decided not to postpone the culmination and got down to business without delay. Probably, the fact that the opponent didn’t touch the glove affected him. The opponent was KOed with one head kick KO. He refused to touch the gloves and got knocked out.
Having been disoriented with a beautiful skillful kick of the opponent, Primus Moore did not have a chance to show his worth in this fight.  He was not given a chance to regain control either as Rodrigues pushed him down to rain blow upon him to final KO. Strike, while the iron is hot is supposed to be his motto this time. Having chosen this tactic he made the match short but we don’t mind. There are not so many moments we can enjoy and this KO deserves the praise! As long as the matches are like this, the army of Rodrigues’ fans will grow.
If you and your buddy are ready to scream at the bout: “Damn! That was great!” that is worth a lot. Such precious moments do not just make the show. They draw attention to the martial arts and attract fans.
Thanks God Ururahy Rodrigues was stopped by the referee before he held the hell out of the opponent. It is hard to compete against such fast reaction and mighty rush. It’s amazing how he immediately sprang into action. That was awesome! We can’t help repeating this moment again and again. You are welcome to join us to enjoy it too.