Brutal 3 second Knockout

One of the quickest wins in MMA history. Watch the whole video for different angles replay.

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Do you remember the six-second-long fight from Romania? Well, as promised, here’s the bout which took place at the same Romania Xtreme Fighting MMA All Stars and was even shorter than Robert Orbocea’s triumphant victory.

Ionuț “Pitbull” Atodiresei from Falteceni, a small Romanian town, met a hungarian fighter Hamodi Omar in a superfight in 143 lbs. (65 kilos) category. And frankly, everything was on Omar’s side: age (21 vs 32), height (5’8’’ vs 5’3’’) and, mostly important, the MMA record (2-1 vs 0-1). But Atodiserei fought in front of the native fans and that meant something too. If you watch the full fight you’ll see that “Pitbull” entered the RXF hall as a national hero, accompanied by a girl in a folk dress with the Romanian flag and a large group of friends who followed him to the cage. I guess, Ionut Atodiserei just didn’t have the choice.

It was a classic, oldschool KO – while Hamodi Omar tried a low-kick masked by an upper jab, Atodiserei landed a good old left-right punch and put his rival to sleep. What a waist – you take a long trip to Romania from Hungary to fall down KOed three seconds after the start of your fight! Hope Omar’s next bout lasts longer.