Bruce Lee is alive… in Afghanistan

His resemblance to Bruce Lee is striking!

Movies and memories are not the only heritage of Bruce Lee. None of the martial artists had inspired so many people who learn the art of hand-to-hand combat and try to become at least a little bit like Bruce Lee. Some of them don’t just sweat in gyms but push the level of their admiration to the limit and try to look like their idol in everyday life.
Afghanistan is not a country where martial arts are very popular. For many years people here lived in a constant state of war. However, it’s this country, that gave birth to one of the most stunning Bruce Lee copies. When you see Abbas Alizada, who is in his early twenties now, you just can’t call him a wannabe. This kid is Bruce Lee’s reincarnation: he dresses like Bruce Lee, walks like Bruce Lee, fights like Bruce Lee, it seems that the only thing he cannot do is speak Chinese and English like Bruce Lee.
“I want to be Afghan Bruce Lee in the future not only in Afghanistan but a symbol of Bruce Lee in the world, I dream to be a champion as Bruce Lee was, and my great ambition is to be a Hollywood star in the future”, he says in the interview. It’s not a cheap talk – Abbas Alizada trains kung fu and nuchaku techniques all the time.
Neither the local government nor any other institution support Abbas. However, whether Abbas will become a real martial artist, well-known for his skills, not Lee-like looks, depends not only on himself. His trainer, Ali Qahar, says that he applied to the Afghan national Olympic committee and some international organizations for help: “If we receive assistance from Afghan committee and donors I promise to make Abbas a unique star in the world”. Of course, this small country has a lot of problems to solve but we really hope they can do something for Alizada, because the guy is a real and rare talent.