Brock Lesnar Pulls Off ‘Wheel of Death’ Wrestling Move

He destroyed his opponent in a blink of an eye!

Long before Brock Lesnar became world famous thanks to his cage wins, he showed his wrestling talent at Webster High School, his senior year record being 33–0–0. Later he won the National Junior College wrestling championship at Bismarck State College and transferred to the University of Minnesota on a full wrestling scholarship. Lesnar’s overall college wrestling record consists of 106 wins and only 5 losses, he is a two-time NJCAA All-American, 1998 NJCAA Heavyweight Champion, two-time NCAA All-American, two-time Big Ten Conference Champion, and the 2000 NCAA heavyweight champion.

In the 275-pound semifinals of the 2000 NCAA Lesnar faced Bandele Adeniyi-Bada from the University of Pennsylvania’s . The end of the battle can be described just with a single ‘Wow!’, but here’s a more detailed view on what’s happened. Lesnar’s opponent attempted a head-inside single to his right forcing Brock Lesnar to defend and counter with a cartwheel. What made the cartwheel so special was the end of it, when Lesnar pulled off a half nelson which planted the opponent on his head and back. This jaw-dropping move helped Lesnar to make it to the finals where he also came out a winner.

This move is a great answer to anyone who considers Lesnar just a huge guy – at least in his university years he had an agility of a bantamweight. Lesnar’s epic cartwheel was later dubbed ‘Wheel of Death’ by wrestling and MMA fans and you can easily see they were absolutely right.