British SAS vs USA Marine

British SAS vs US Marine Recon at Boxing. Commando Knock-Out Challenge

Where US military can meet Russian spetsnaz, Japanese army or British commandos? The answer, surprisingly, is not “on a battlefield” or “in a videogame”. In 1998 a “World Commando Knockout” challenge gathered men and women in military camo from different countries to find out who’s the best in boxing – US or the rest of the world. One of the fights brought together SAS instructor Carl Richardson (height 5’9, weight 171 Ib.) and US marine recon Matthew Ortiz (height 5’11, weight 168 Ib).

Military boxing really has not much in common with “traditional” boxing bouts. Military men are not trained to fight by rounds, earning points and stuff, their only goal is to neutralize, or more often – to kill the opponent by all means and methods possible. That’s why their technique may leave much to be desired but their spirits are undisputed.

Ortiz’s wish to crush his opponent as quickly as possible was obvious, but he seemed to put too much emotion in his attacks. Richardson had no problem with dodging marine’s numerous hooks waiting for a good chance to counterpunch. His patience was rewarded after 40 seconds when he made Ortiz squat with a quick body punch. Then the Brit started chasing the American like a hound, locking him in one of the five corners of the pentagon-shaped ring. Matthew Ortiz tried his best to defend in a good old windmill-style but was knocked down again and it was the bell that really saved him from severe punishment.

The second round started just the way the first round finished. Richardson’s strikes were so precise and vicious that the only question was whether Ortiz will make it to the third round. The answer was given in 50 seconds when the marine was KOed after suffering a hail of hooks from Richardson.

A SAS motto is “Who dares, wins”. Well, Ortiz looked more daring but what works for SAS is probably not so good for US Marine Corps.