Brilliant suplex by Russian kid

Tournament for kids. Freestyle Wrestling

You know how we here at Double Knockout are all about amazing moves and awesome fighting techniques, right? Whatever the fighting style is, we always appreciate an impressive move that takes both courage and technical skill to do right. Take suplex, for example. This move is used by professionals and amateurs alike, combining outstanding offensive qualities with great showmanship. But it’s not just about something you would see established fighters use. This technique, however complicated, looks even more impressive when mastered perfectly by young aspiring athletes. With all that having been said, check out this incredible video right here.

These two guys may seem way too young to be in the ring, right? But wait till you see how good they are. More specifically, how good the boy in the red singlet is. The boys are off to an intense start, looking for each other’s weak spots. In a while it sort of becomes clear the red guy is taking over. He struggles to keep his opponent on the ground and what can we say, he seems to be pretty good at that. Finally, when the moment and position are right, the boy performs a beautiful, pretty much flawless suplex. The fight is stopped obviously, and it takes the boy in blue a while to bring himself together. A definite win for our guy in red, and yet another beautiful suplex – and knockout – video. Now we have proof you don’t need age and that much experience to be able to work wonders in the ring. The video ends with a few slowed down replays of this truly spectacular sequence. The technique is truly superb, don’t you think? Both the coach and the boy did a fantastic job. Touché, a flawless victory. Stay tuned for more amazing suplex videos and other knockout movies!