Most Brutal boxing KO of the year!

Watch replay at 0:54 mark

Actually the fight took place in January 24 in Pennsauken, New Jersey but the video of was uploaded to Youtube only a week ago and went viral immediately. Goode’s opponent is Courtney “Bull” Blocker from Pensacola, Florida. The bout went into the second round when Blocker landed a terrible overhand from his right which not just dropped the hometown boy Goode to the mat but switched lights out for him before he touched it. The shot was great but in general the fight was a mixture of poor boxing and poor sportsmanship. While Dominic Goode provided the first part, Courtney Blocker was responsible for the second, as he stepped over unconscious Goode after the final stare down. Gentleman or not, Blocker has a nice record of 4-0 after this bout, all fights won by knockouts.

The blow was so devastating, that Goode collapsed like a ragdoll and couldn’t get on his feet for a few minutes. As there’s no news of his recent fights let’s hope he took to something less dangerous.