Boxing grrrls sparring!

She throws dozens of punches per minute!

Evnika Saadvakass from the city of Pavlodar, Kazakhstan became a Youtube sensation in 2013 when millions of people saw the video of her sparring with her father Rustam. The five-year old boxing baby showed amazing speed and precision, landing more than a hundred punches per minute. Two years ago we saw Evnika’s new video and realized that she improved her boxing a lot, especially as far as her foot work is concerned.
Frankly, this girl hits so fast she could beat Joey Jordison from “Slipknot” if she were a drummer. I guess anyone would feel dizzy after a sparring session with her. So there’s little wonder that her new video features Evnika sparring with her older sister, not her father. While Rustam Saadvakass is having a bit of rest, the ten-year old Selyavira Saadvakass trains Evnika making her hit and duck, duck and hit – and you see, she’s good at boxing too.
When we asked Rustam about the girls’ training routine, he told us that it’s his own invention that makes Evnika and Selyavira so effective. And yeah, we’re giving a huge plug to this device, called Evnik Simulator, because we see that this thing works. Rustam claims, that the simulator he invented can fit kids, adults and elderly people and help them not just learn how to punch fast and hard (which is actually not a skill that everyone needs), but also strengthen the ligaments and tendons, improve one’s muscle and vestibular system.
It actually looks like a ring of irregular shape which can be gripped with a hand or two hands. Evnik Simulator vibrates when you hold it and punch, and this vibration makes your muscle work harder than usual.
Right now the guy launched an Indiegogo campaign and tries to raise money necessary to promote his idea worldwide. So if you feel like Evnik Simulator can be useful for you or your kids – why not have a look at it?