Boxer tells referee to stop the fight

How many boxers would stop beating their rival before the ref tells them?

Mismatches where one opponent is much stronger than the other aren’t rare. But mismatches where a stronger opponent doesn’t want to go on beating the hell out of his rival are unique. Willis Meehan may be not the greatest pound for pound boxer in the world like Mayweather but he truly has a heart.
Last week he faced Leamy “Tyson” Tato at Trusts Arena in New Zealand and it became clear right from the start that Tato wouldn’t win the fight. Meehan brutalized Tato but for some reason Tato kept standing on his feet and the referee let the fight continue. In this short video you can see that the beating Tato suffers is so cruel that his blood splatters on the camera lens. The ref, however, keeps his cool and wants to go on.
Than Meehan decided to take full control of the fight. He stopped beating and yelled at the referee, demanding that he should ‘stop the f***ing fight’. Fortunately the third man in the ring remembered that one of the things he’s responsible for is taking care of the athletes’ health and waved off the bout. The hug, which Meehan gave to Tato, actually looked very sincere, friendly and protecting. This looked really cool but we don’t think most of the boxers would do the same in Meehan’s place .