Boxer stands up after the knockdown only to get KOed a second later

Pacquiao’s not the only Filippino pride!

It’s not too often when a contender is considered a favorite and a champ is an underdog but that’s just how it was in the bantamweight title fight between Fernando Montiel and Nonito Donaire on February 19, 2011. Two belts, the WBC and WBO, were at stake and Donaire grabbed both of them showing no hesitation or mercy.
In the first round Donaire was in total control of the fight and managed to stun Montiel once, but it was the second round when the contender destroyed his opponent completely. Two minutes into the second round Donaire landed a vicious left punch to the head and Montiel collapsed on the canvas forcing the referee Russell Mora to count for him. The champion looked almost done but he managed to get on his feet again in the count of eight and was allowed to continue. However, Donaire was not at all willing to go the distance and immediately threw two more bombs which knocked Montiel out. This win made Donaire the second Filipino and the third Asian boxer who won champion titles in three different weight divisions.
Donaire’s victory didn’t go unnoticed in his native country – only nine days later the Philippine Senate adopted two resolutions which congratulated and commended Donaire for being an outstanding Filipino boxer and for bringing honor and pride to the country. Of course, Manny Pacquiao remains the first one whom we remember when we talk about boxers from Philippines but Donaire’s record of 34 wins and only three losses makes him one of the most prominent Asian boxers